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    Hebei Huachen Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
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    main products
     Sodium chloride injectable grade
     Potassium chloride injectable grade
     Sodium bicarbonate injectable grade
     Calcium Chloride injectable grade
     Ammonium Chloride medical grade
     Boric Acid medical grade
     Borax medical grade
     Magnesium Chloride medical grade
    Boric Acid medical grade

    Boric Acid medical grade
    【English name】:Boric Acid
    【Molecular formula】:H3 B O3  (61.83)
    【Property】:shiny pearl microstrip colorless or white crystalline powder of osteoporosis; there is a sense of creamy; odorless; weak alkaline solution significant response. This product boil in the boiling water soluble in ethanol or glycerol, dissolved in water or alcohol.

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